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Paul Murphy

You'll come crawling back, you'll see! Actually, I agree with you in large, but I'm not sure that you need to make such a formal break. I've been on FB a couple of years, and while at first I was obsessive about it, in the past few months my activity level has gone way down. I now check in a couple of times a day max. I've abandoned all of my farms and everything. I think for most people the allure of FB eventually fades (as will Twitter, lord help us) and it becomes what it was always destined to be: something to blow your time on when you should be working.

Anyway, good luck with your resolution! I'll be following your blog. And you can check out mine if you want to. The address is below. Later, my brother!

Jeff T

Dude, totally. I've been seriously thinking of ditching Fb recently. It's effing ridiculous. I don't even really participate in Fb. Tried Twitter for 2 weeks. Meh. I agree wholeheartedly with you on every point mon frer. /afk

- Jeff T.


I see your points and if I could realistically live in a world or an economy that didn't want me for my 20 years of web experience and get paid for it...I'd dump it all too.


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